Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn Art Class- zentangle pumpkins

I know, call me crazy. 18 weeks pregnant and doing two classes each day of fall break lol I found out I was pregnant the last day of summer art academy and since I don't need to tote a table and supplies to and from town, I decided to do these classes at my house (10 miles outside of town in the country) and luckily I had 12 kiddos eager enough to make the trek out to the sticks! This kind of ended up being a blessing, more room, nature walks, and when it's over I can shut the spare bedroom door and go kick up my feet!

Anyways, onto the Zentangle Pumpkins! I got the idea for this from Angela Anderson Art Blog which has lots of super cute lessons!

We started out by drawing a basic pumpkin two different ways, from the inside out and outside in. Inside out is staring with an oval then adding C's to the sides. Outside in is starting with C's, working your way in, then connecting them with an oval. It was incredible to see how some kids did better inside out and others did better outside in. Everyone is truly different and there are several different paths to get to a final result, none of which is right or wrong.

After sketching our pumpkin lightly on a watercolor canvas the girls set to work first putting an even coat of orange all over, going back with more orange in the cracks to create shadows and then putting a hint of yellow in the middle of each bump for highlights. 

While those dried we practiced making some zentangles. Zentangles are designs and patterns that are drawn intuitively. Meaning that it is marks that just flow naturally from you. We practiced starting with basic shapes like X's or wavy lines and building on them. Here is a few one girl came up with.

Lastly, the girls set to work creating different zentangles in each bump on their pumpkin with a sharpie.

Here is how they turned out :)

Super sweet bunch of girls and their amazing crop of pumpkins!