Saturday, August 8, 2015

Monet water lilies

Much like the Starry Night lesson a while back, this lesson required lots of dashes, 
and more dashes, 
and dashes on top of dashes, 
and dashes until they were dashed out, and dashes until they wanted to dash me out.

After checking out some Monet books and talking about Impressionism, they started with the water and the willow branches, doing a reflection as they went. They kept the water and reflections going horizontal and the limbs going vertical.

Then, we threw in a variety of shades.

And kept dashing and adding a variety of shades.

Focusing on filling the white space.

Lastly, adding lily pads and flowers.

Winslow Homer Ships

Last but not least for Summer 2015 is Windsow Homer Ships.

First, paint a little less than half your canvas light blue with a super wet brush. When dry, use a foam brush to paint a few clouds and adding a bit of light tan to the bottom of the clouds.

Next, cut out a shape of ship and using a palette knife scrape various shades of blue paint mixed with molding paste on the canvas.

Then, paint the back of the boat.

Go back over the boat with a darker brown mixed with molding paste and draw into the paint with the pallet knife to create the lines of the boards of the boat.

Slap on some thickened white paint for the sails.

Use a black marker to outline a few areas to make them pop.

And voila!