Friday, August 23, 2013

Face Vase Collage

Nothing quite like the sticky, gooey goodness of mod podge! Ah! The feel of creativity!! Oh sorry..... collaging is my drug of choice! 

For my last day of my last class of the summer we made still life collages. I took silhouettes of the kids during the previous class (or had their parents text me one since I have seem to have forgetful tendencies...) 

As the kiddos came in, they painted a checkerboard tablecloth design on dictionary pages (that were previously glued on by yours truly to save time) 

We used blue card stock to make vases with their silhouette on each side. This was done by folding a paper in half, tracing the silhouette on the paper then cutting and voila! Mirror image silhouette! 

I let the kids decide which way to glue it, face right side up or upside down, depending on which they though looked more like a vase.

Next, they started adding stems & flowers made from painted paper or scrapbook paper. I had been using up left over paints from each project this summer so they had a wide variety of colors to choose from.

The neon pink was so bright we needed shades :p

I didn't give specifics on flowers just that they had to have at least seven. I wanted their flowers to be as unique as they are!

Here is how they turned out! Eric Carle would be proud! 

This one cracks me up! Kids don't see much Made in the USA these days!