Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Art Class- Watercolor Spiderwebs

Little apprehensive when I chose to do this lesson because watercolors aren't my first choice (or second or even sixth) when making art and I'd never used masking fluid. But I am glad I took the risk. 

We practiced 4 different ways to make spiderwebs. Starting with basic and trying one more detailed. 

The weather was splendid so we strolled down the pasture to my parents dock that has great spiderwebs. The kids picked one they wanted to sketch and I sprayed the web with water so it would be more visible in the bright sunlight. No spiders were harmed in the making of any sketches.

After that we set to work testing out the masking fluid, which creates a barrier when it dries, meaning that the underneath stays white. You'll see what I mean in a bit. I had never used it besides trying it out for this lesson so I was nervous to see the results. The kids kept their brushes moist and painted the masking fluid on their canvas in the shape of a web. 

When it dried they picked either hot colors or cool colors to paint their canvas.

After showing proper watercolor usage, I let them choose what they thought would look best as far as color placement. Some where very deliberate choices, while others were a bit more,!

This project took a while to dry so we busted out my handy dandy hair dryer (one more plus for having class at my house) and dried them speedy fast! 

When the canvases were dry the kiddos pealed the masking fluid off (which had turned into a solid) and it was SO fun seeing their reactions! 

Lastly, they added a spider with sharpie and we called these masterpieces finished!