Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Autumn Art Class- Owl & Cat scratch art round 2

Back and forth I went between Day of the Dead Skulls (Dia de Muertos) & Owls for this group's scratch art...since the first groups owls turned out so cute I finally settled on owls and gave them the option of black cats. I was unsure about doing Day of the Dead skulls mainly due to the fact I live in the Bible Belt and was uncertain how their art would be taken by family members. So, I chose not to possibly offend anyone (this time) and went the safe route.

We went on a leaf hunt around my yard and each kiddo found a leaf they liked. They practiced sketching their leaf and then on brown construction paper used a paint pen to draw it again.

This fella chose a maple leaf.

And this fella chose a gynormous leaf!

Yes, completely unrelated to owls & cats but To get the concept in their head that:
All lines are final!
Take your time! 
Draw big!
Much like I harped on with the first crew.

After practicing several different types of owls & cats, I handed them their boards & scratchers and they set to work and did fantastic!