Sunday, October 20, 2013

Autumn Art Class- Fall Trees / perspective painting

I saw this Leonoid Afremov painting on Pinterest several months ago and timidly decided to add it to my autumn line up. 

This lesson I knew would be the biggest challenge I'd attempted with 7-12 year olds because of time constraint, mixing paints, and several layers. So, we started right off the bat with a few drawing perspective exercises then dove right in to painting. 

Didn't take many pictures because we were painting each step together but we started by lightly drawing our horizon & our lane (or creek as some saw it) added an area of green than got lighter towards the middle and painted a rainbow of hot colors for our ground. Whew that was a long sentence!!! 

Second, the kids finger painted a layer of hot colors in the sky.

One found their nose more suitable than fingers..... 

Then, we painted some hot colored dashes on our forest floor to imitate leaves on the ground. Which there is no picture to show this step unfortunately.

Next, they painted their tree trunks & limbs keeping in mind that the closer an object is the bigger, and the further away the smaller. 

Lastly, they got back in the rhythm (literally) of finger painting the leaves. Towards the end most were using all digits and tapping out a groovy beat lol

Here they are!! Aren't they amazing!!

Sadly, I realized I forgot to take pictures of all the individual pieces AFTER cars were pulling out of my driveway. Sigh. But a few parents snapped some! Yay!