Friday, July 26, 2013

Traci Bautista Girlie Glam!

I knew the second day of my July class would be an all girl affair so I hunted high and low on Pinterest for a super girlie project.

Enter Traci Bautista. 

When I came across her blog creativityUNLEASHED, I knew we would do something in her style. I purchased her book Doodles Unleashed while on vacation earlier this Summer and doodled away on the beach to get the creative juicing pumping. 

Here is the book, I highly recommend it! Beautiful colors & examples that inspire!

I decided on her girlie glam portraits for our all girl class. 

The girls were ECSTATIC when I showed them what we would be doing. *Insert girlie squeals and giggles here* We used watered down block printing ink and fine tip paintbrushes to practice our doodles. 

To practice our doodles I would give them a prompt like a circle, then they would dress up their circles however they liked, for instance: adding petals, drawing lines through it, or adding spikes to the outside. I had the little ladies pass their journals to their neighbor after they finished a shape and we continued this until the journals made it back to their girl. This way they got draw from others ideas and wouldn't fear messing up.

Having already readied our background before doodling by wetting our canvas lightly and finger painting shades of pink & purple, we set to work! 

I didn't bring easels this day because I wanted the girls to take breaks, draw inspiration from each others doodles, and flip through her book for ideas. Not to worry about finishing quickly but to enjoy the process.

My cousin who just moved from Hawaii wanted to do a Hibiscus for her new bedroom. 
The ink didn't take long to dry, when it did they used their choice of soft pastel to color in the face.
Then, they added some paint.

And some more paint!

Finishing it off by hot glueing on some jewels to push it into ULTRA super girlie land, the portraits were complete :)

Next week, the token boy will be back so alas, the pinks, gems, and all things girlie will have to be put away. 

Traci even has online workshops (and in person workshops but they are in California....too far for this Okie)
Check them out here. I plan on doing one of the online classes around Christmas time as a little gift to myself :)