Thursday, July 18, 2013

O'Keefe Flowers

This lesson went much more smooth than the first. The kids seemed more focused and did great :)

I mentioned in the previous post that many of the kids didn't know how to use a paint brush. So, I brainstormed and thought of a creative idea to practice without using up paint. I brought a gigantic piece of cardboard and I started class by wetting different sized paint brushes and demonstrating how to use it. We played with them and made lines, circles, squares, waves...

We started by doing an overlapping activity that would help us in our flower paintings. We also talked about how Georgia O'Keefe didn't paint the entire flower, she painted them REALLY close up and your mind had to imagine the rest of the petals.

Here is some pics from the day.

Stacy Spangler's blog Sleepy Head Design Studio was a HUGE help for me preparing for this lesson. Lots of great pictures and tips! Check it out!