Monday, July 22, 2013

Jasper Johns Flags

For the 3rd day of Summer Art Academy we looked at various company symbols (such as Apple, CBS, Starbucks, Mcdonalds...) and why they are effective. These symbols are instantly recognizable, no matter what language you speak. Jasper Johns took symbols like the American flag, numbers, letters, and bulls-eyes and made them into art.

I let the kids choose between the American Flag, British Flag & Captain America Symbol for their own work of art. 

Their homework was to cut out words from the newspaper that they felt described America. My handy dandy assistant glued them all down while we worked in our art journals. 

We set to work, starting with the outline in black to make our colors pop.

American pride girls.

Little British ladies.

Defenders of justice!

Next time I will water down the paint a bit so the newspaper is more visible but all in all I am very pleased with how it went and I think they were as well!