Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sugar overload with Wayne Thiebaud cupcakes

I knew this lesson was going to be great because I have two girls in this group that are HUGE Cake Boss fans. Hopefully Buddy will approve of our sweet treats :)

We stared out by studying value with a simple drawing lesson then played with some green & white icing on gram crackers :) 

The painter Wayne Thiebaud is one of my favs because his work just makes your taste buds start salivating!
We looked at lots of his work but studied this one because of his use of color. 

 We noticed that he uses lots of pastels, (hence the reason for playing with the icing earlier)  I gave the kids a lot more freedom to play with color choices and make pastels than any previous group.

Here is how they did :)

Red velvet, yum!!

Now your taste buds are screaming, "Must have cupcake!!"