Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Picasso Guitars

First day of class was... exciting to say the least! (Note to self: always make sure there is adequate storage on your phone so you can snap pics.) Thankfully, a parent/friend snapped a few on her phone before this realization occurred. I was lucky enough to have one of my former students (who happens to be the best helper on the planet) come be my assistant! 

We started out by drawing lots of lines. Wavy, zigzag, parallel, horizontal, intersecting... Then, we looked at lots of Picasso's work, discussed the types of lines he used and the variety of materials he used to make guitars. 

And this would be the point at which my iPhone said "overload of cute baby pics not enough storage"... Technological fail.

After sketching out their guitar design we set to work and used a variety of lines to make our guitar paintings have a cubism look. Here is the final product! 

Pretty good for 7-9 year olds!! 

I learned A LOT such as:
1. Go over how to use a paintbrush. Because some were using it like a crayon. The tragedy of cutting art funding in public schools. Another post for another day I'm sure.

2. Make sure their guitars are BIGGER!

3. Six kids would have been a better number because we had to turn the tables into an L shape to squeeze everyone and their easels in. 

4. An hour and a half is not sufficient time to create masterpieces. So, I bumped the next classes up to 2 hours long.

All in all though they had a great time and did a great! 

Check out this website!!
Create your own digital picasso head masterpiece! Super fun activity to do as a class or individually!