Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I'll be the first to admit, one of my pet peeves is a cookie cutter lesson, meaning that everyone's art turns out looking exactly the same. 
Not a fan. 
You might as well pass out coloring sheets. 
Rant over. 

This lesson is a perfect example of non-cookie-cutterness (I may have just created a new word) For the third day of our Around the World class, Deep Space Sparkle came through once again! 

After several practice sketches with different toucan placement, they picked out their favorite and painted their bird's outline. Baby wipes (which are abundant in my house with two in diapers) are really handy for this part just in case a beak needed an alteration. As long as the paint is still wet it will wipe away pretty easily. 

Working on the background first.

Then giving their toucans some splashes of color and lastly reoutlining in black paint.

Toucans that are as individual as they are!