Thursday, July 3, 2014

Just Journaling- Valerie Wieners inspired art

Last day of the journaling class and here are the kiddos with their favorites from the last two weeks framed, matted and ready to hang! Proud kids and one proud teacher! 

Being on Pinterest all hours of the night with my 3 month old & 2 year old, I stumble upon some fantastic artists. Valerie Wieners is one my favorites I have found this last year. Here is a sample of some her beautiful work she's posted on Instagram. 

Positive, encouraging....Wait a second, that's KLOVE's slogan.... V-LOVE!!! 

I'd never tried hand lettering with kids beyond the Illuminated Letter lesson from my winter class, but figured why not! Since her cards and small framed work is extremely reasonable, I ordered some so the kids could check them out and she even through in some fun extras!

After practicing a few words together and sharing styles they already knew, we made "To Do Lists" on papers we'd painted with Golden Fluid Acrylics + a few sprays from a water bottle which may or may not have doubled as a water gun when they least expected! 

Then, on our other painted page we made her signature roses. I let the kids write whatever they wanted. 

You can check out Valerie's website here to get your own beautiful goodies!