Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Jasper Johns inspired Numbers

My third class of the summer is titled Messiness and it is that for a reason! All these projects will have the kids going home with not only paint on their canvas but more than likely their hands as well.

This first lesson came straight out of my art journal.
Which is obviously inspired by Jasper Johns. 

 We looked at several of his paintings and even one of my previous students work from last years project inspired by him. 

Diving straight into finger painting our canvases using primary colors, none of the kids opted to use paint brushes. Surprise, surprise lol

While those dried outside in the Oklahoma sun, we used oil pastels to draw out our number. I had the kids pick a number that had some significance whether it be the number of people in their family, their age, or amount of letters in their last name. 

Once they had their final shape, they cut it out.

Next using the number as a stencil, they dabbed white paint all over the canvas. This prevents the number from moving about an creates a cool texture. 

And here they are!