Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jennifer Mercede inspired Giraffes

If you've seen her work  then you know it is fun, funky, playful and definitely colorful! Jennifer Mercede is super talented and I was so pumped to try out one of her paintings with the kids. 

Here is the link to see or shop for more of her work! 

I made the kids a step by step sheet of two of her giraffes and let them try drawing. After that they did their own, mixing elements from each and some of their own pizzaz like glasses, lips, and even a unibrow!

We first painted or canvases with golden fluid acrylics by just dripped directly onto the canvas, sprayed with water and swirled around with a foam brush. This dries speedy fast. Then they used black paint for their giraffe, starting from the top and working their way down. Since her style is really free and childlike with its scribbley look, we weren't focused on perfect shapes.

Choosing the 3-5 colors they wanted and painting the spots is various designs. I have the kids LOTS of freedom with this lesson and let them do whatever their hearts desired on their giraffes spots.

And I have to admit this was a great call! I love the variation! Lastly, finishing up by reoutlining in black and signing their names.