Thursday, July 10, 2014


Day two of our Around the World class was a bit of a juggling act. With 3 centers, two of which would be projects that wouldn't be finished until next week. Here is the project that we could and did finish. I got the idea from the book Map Art Lab.

Scrolls of our lives 

We used:
Colored paper
Paint marker
Paper to list 10 life events and doodle pictures beside.

First the kids decorated a piece of drift wood using paint markers.

Then, they listed out 10 things that happened in their life on a sheet of paper and drew a picture beside as many as they could as a symbol for that event. For example if they moved they drew a house, if they became an aunt they drew a baby, if they went on vacation they drew something they did on vacation, if they had to go to the hospital because they stuck a bean up their nose....they drew a bean and a nose....which was actually one of the kids life events!

Next, using a qtip dipped in bleach they drew out their symbols in chronological order on the colored paper. I used a big sheet of construction paper from Hobby Lobby which I cut into 4in x 2ft strips before hand but you could just do regular construction paper cut in half.

They punched two holes in the top and one in the bottom of their paper. Also, an arm lengths piece of twine was used to attached the top to the stick and a forearms length of twine for the bottom.  Beads were tied on to the ends of the twine with knots to keep them in place.

And here are the stories of their lives all unrolled :)