Thursday, August 22, 2013

Crazy Picasso Chickens!!!

Brace yourself... Things got really crazy when we studied Picasso!
Too many laughs today while making them :) 

Here was our inspiration: 
Picasso's Le Coq 

After finger painting our background in shades of brown to break up the whiteness, the feathers started flying!! We laid the canvases outside to dry, which didn't take long in the Oklahoma summer sun!

The kids had drawn up a couple initial crazy chicken sketches and chose their favorite to paint. Using a fine tip brush and watered down black paint they set to work once their canvas was dry.

Some found it easier to work from the bottom up, others worked from the top down. 

As they worked on them, some of the feathered friends even got nicknames! 

Meet Jungle Ninja Chicken!

Rainbow Rooster from Outer Space!

Happy Feet

Impressionistic Rooster

Eagle Hen laid eggs!
The kids loved seeing each others roosters get crazier and crazier looking with each brush stroke! Fun, fun day!!