Friday, January 13, 2017

Mixed Media Hearts

In the spirit of the art drop last summer/fall (which you can read all about here) everyone who signed up would get two canvases, one to keep and one to hide when the world starts getting crazy. Hide them out in public, in your grandma's back yard, at school, wherever they want to because the world needs more art and joy.
This project is super messy, and keeps me hopping from table to table helping everyone get their next layer started, so here is a brief rundown of the layers, some with pictures, some not so much.
Layer 1: collage 

Layer 2: Faber Castell markers
Layer 3: acrylic paint
Layer 4: alcohol ink
Layer 5: stamps
Layer 6 stencils + ink spray
Layer 7: acrylic ink + water 
Layer 8: Cut out hearts and use them as a stencil to spread turquoisy goodness on with a palette knife. 
Layer 11: add words with stickers or stamps💚