Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Intro to Bible Journaling

This class really started when a random lady at the Indian clinic I go to for all my prenatal appointments (have 3 kids in under four years and people start to recognize your face) came up to me and said she follows me on Instagram, is so inspired by my bible journal posts and if I ever do a bible journaling class or retreat she'd be the first to sign up. Well that sweet lady was in for long suffering because teaching adults was not even on my radar. Teach kids, absolutely. Blindfolded, you got it! But adults frighten me. Still. 

But that sweet random lady is also abounding in loving encouragement because she didn't give up. She kept encouraging me every doctor's visit and on every post. So when my baby was 10 months old I wasn't nursing her every two hours and I decided to needed a few days of my teaching fix. Cyber Monday I posted the link for the four classes I was offering after Christmas and guess who was first to jump on the list for the intro to bible journaling....you guessed it, long suffering Marlina, the most encouraging Cherokee in Sequoyah County. 

New Years Eve, 15 ladies took the plung with me into the uncharted waters of me teaching adults (well 3 of them were kids because I think we can learn a thing or two about the artistic bravery of kids.....and truth be told so maybe I would be a tad more comfortable.)


I made a 17 page booklet with:
-5 different ways to approach bible journaling, one book at a time, through your prayers, by topics, using sermon notes and using your supplies as a springboard. 
-Info on podcasts worth listening to, artists worth following, devotionals worth reading, creative books worth looking at and small companies worth buying from.
-Creative mistakes I've made and how to avoid them. 
-How to write intentions in the front of your bible to help you stay focused on the WHY of bible journaling. 
-Encouragement to keep playing.


After introductions and a quick rundown of how my spiritual path and creative path met, I stressed the importance that this is NOT just about making pretty pictures. 

It's about hiding the word in your heart. 

It is about documenting what God is teaching you. 

It's about praising him through art. 

That all effort if pure is pleasing to him. 

So those stick figures praising Jesus in your margins are just as lovely as a perfectly painted flower because the posture of your heart is what matters. Sermon over.

Next, they tried my favorite pens (Signo micro and bold) and practicing some basic hand lettering to get their creative juices flowing, I broke everyone up into four stations and they got to play with my go to supplies: black gesso with white gel pens, colored pencils, fluorescent gel pens, water colors, stamps, water color pencils, stencils, stickers and various black pens. 

About half the group had journaling bibles and half used sketchbooks. 



This has to be the coolest thing ever. Three generations of Coleman ladies doing bible journaling. Talk about making memories! 


Apparently I was so freaked out about teaching grown ups that for the first time in 3 years of teaching art classes I didn't take a group picture. Tears. Oh the tears. But they could not have been a more gracious bunch of gals. Many asking when the next class was. And sweet, encouraging, long suffering Marlina is ready for bible journaling 2.0!!!