Saturday, October 15, 2016


Am I the only one that feels like the world is going crazy? Earlier this summer I couldn't take all the negative news and gloom and doom small talk, so I decided to do something. My kids and I hid a painting at the 14 Flags Museum, posted it on Facebook and went home hoping to release some positivity into the world and change up the dialog going on. Within 30 minutes it was found and over the next week people were asking when the next round was!

Round 2!
Around the time of the Sallisaw rodeo, we hid some more paintings in downtown Sallisaw and posted this picture. Nothing priceless, just examples from classes I had taught and things I'd made for my house that I had enjoyed but was ready to pass on. 
The response this time was even more exciting because there were families racing all over our little downtown in search of them! All were found that same day!

Round 3
With even more people excited about #artdropsallisaw my kids and I dug through some more of our canvases and waited for the perfect time to do the third round. We didn't have to wait long because the second presidential debate provided breeding ground for social media craziness. This time, we put them in city parks and encouraged everyone to set their party differences aside and get some fresh air.
Of the six paintings, three were found the first day and the other three within a few days. 

Such a fun way to infuse a little adventure into our little town!