Thursday, July 2, 2015

Ocean View

Summer Art Classes have officially begun! I'm back at Aromas Coffee Shop but this time in their party room which conveniently adjacent to the shop but where we can conveniently close the doors and not be distracted by the customers that come in and out but can still be tempted by the delicious smells that make there way through the vents...

For this first project, I got inspiration from this painting I saw in the Key West airport months back and knew I'd have to make it a part of this class. 

The class itself which is called Under the Sea, came from several students saying they'd like an ocean themed class. Ask and you shall receive my dears.

Using a pile of gelatos for the first time my kiddos worked on their tree trunks, ocean and sky. 

Faber-Castell gelatos are a pretty neat media because they can be blended with your finger or spritzed with water and they'll act almost like water color.

Actually there were two groups going because the mixed media project planned for the next class time would take more than the allotted two hours.  

Here's the girls interpretation of the Key West painting which I wish I knew who painted it and I'd give credit.