Monday, July 20, 2015

Jennifer Moreman inspired Drippy Chevron

Pinterest and late night feedings allow me to stumble upon all kinds of amazing artists. Case in point: Jennifer Moreman. Check out her work here! It's fabulous!

For the class called Messiness, we checked out her work and talked about how color choices affect the feel of a painting. For instance, choosing various shades of blues would give a painting a wintery feel and as we found out later turquoise, gold, black and baby blue give a ritzy beach resort feel (their words not mine).

Ever the believer in allowing kids to make their own choices in art, the girls chose color schemes before we started painting. You can see which colors she chose on the top side of her canvas.

And we painted zig zags....

And they let the paint run...

And we let them dry in the Oklahoma summer sun to dry super fast..

So proud of these girls! I love projects that turn out as unique as they are. No cookie cutter paint by numbers here!