Friday, January 3, 2014

Mimicking the Masters- Van Gogh Starry night

Starry Night is on my bucket list to see in person. Gosh I just love Van Gogh. I got to see an exhibit of all his sketches while I was in NYC many years ago and it just made me want to see his paintings even more. 

This was a lesson I had been wanting to attempt for quite sometime and like the Warhol lesson couldn't find a tutorial I would call thrilled with so this is the first lesson I ever completely winged (if that is a word) because I had the general idea of the steps we'd take but I wanted to it be spontaneous and see what worked. 

I typically don't let kids dive straight into painting when they come but I knew this one would take all of our two hours so I had everything laid out ready to go. 

We started with a dry brush doing circles for the stars & moon. Then going around them in light blue followed by darker blues. Next adding our swirls. I stressed not to glob on the paint but to be spread it around so it looks messy and dries more quickly. 

This is what they looked like with most of the underpainting complete.

Then we started doing lots and lots and LOTS of dashes! I gave the girls freedom to mix their colors to create new shades of blues and yellows and mix they did! It was at this point I knew they were going to turn out amazing!

As the layers and layers of dashes piled on it made their paintings so interesting, check out this moon!!!

Once parents arrived we were all dashed out but I was beyond thrilled with their results!
SO proud of how the girls did, this will definetly be a repeated lesson!