Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mimicking the Masters- Georges Seurat

Georges Seurat died at the much to young age of 31. My morning class decided they know why after painting literally 1,000s of dots to create an Eiffel Tower! All those dots made him go looney! Even if Wiki said he is believed to have died from pneumonia, we know the real truth lol

Here is the painting of his that we studied. The kids noticed that it was made up of lots of tiny dots and we discussed that this type of art is called Pointellism. 
We started out by playing with qtips and paints by trying out different combinations of colors to show that you can make colors lighter or darker by the choice of color you select.

Then after sketching the Eiffel Tower they very lightly drawer it on the canvas. After that the q-tips set to work.

We focused on creating highlights and shadows with our choice of colors.

Many, many, many, many dots later.....By the end of the two hours we ditched the q-tips and started using our finger tips to fill in the last of the white areas! 

This was a SUPER helpful blog with this lesson! Check it out!