Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mimicking the Master- Andy Warhol

I've wanted to do a Warhol lesson for a while but couldn't find a tutorial or lesson that I liked because most were either completely computer generated or were just a sketch the kid drew then painted. Since I wanted their paintings to turn out looking like them, I went to Hobby Lobby browsing for some way to get a picture from copy paper to a canvas. Enter Transfer Paper!
It has lead all on one side of a sheet and you can trace any thing you like to transfer it onto something else! 

I had previously taken mug shots of the students and edited them in Picassa to turn them into drawings so we had more defined lines. We used 16x20 canvases and laid the transfer paper down with the picture on top and traced their image four times.

They then went back and went over their lines in sharpie.

After that they used neon paints and neon paint pens for the smaller areas. I gave them the option of doing each face the same colors like Warhol's 4 Marilyn's or they could do every one different. Most chose to mix it up.

And I have to say their results were fantastic!