Thursday, August 14, 2014

Miro family portraits & Dali clocks

I had planned on doing a Cezanne fruit painting for the last day of mimicking the masters BUT the crazy/abstract/pop -pretty much anything to do with modern art side of me wanted to take on some surrealism!

Enter Miro & Dali. Two surrealists who couldn't be more different in their art 

and in life. 

Seriously, who wears a mustache like that anyways? 

You've got to have some crazy art to back up a crazy look like that! 

Anyways, after checking both them out, talking about surrealism, we identified the types of shapes and lines throughout Miro's work and played with his style in their sketchbooks.

Then, I had the girls draw a shape for each member of their family and using that as their torso, build off of it with crazy line and shapes to represent the rest of there body using either India ink with a brush or a sharpie. Whichever they felt more comfortable using.

Next they added color with acrylic paint, paintmarkers or sharpies.  
Once it was dry they reoutlined in black sharpie.
This was probably the least step-by-step lesson I've EVER done, and the girls loved having so much freedom on it.

This would also be perfect for a lesson about shapes.
I would have LOVED to have done this when I taught shapes in public school.

Would have been adorable!

And here is the clock process:

You take an old vinyl record.

Turn the oven up to 220 f.

Pop that record in the oven for 5 minutes or so.
Once it starts to curl along the edges use pot holders to take it out.

Using pot holders (which i am not in this pic becuase this record was looong cool) bend the record on the edge of the counter. I pulled it on the bottom to give it an even more dramatic look of actually melting.

Here it is bent up. Ah, don't you just love vintage labels lol

Prime that baby with white spray paint.

Spray paint desired color. **My golden was not harmed in the making of this art.

Nor was the rest of the audiance in attendance around my house.....

Use a sharpie or paint pen to draw either numbers or Roman Numerals, also adding your arrows.
I let the girls use a gold or silver paint pen to go along the middle and edge of their clock.

You could let the kids do all these steps but for time purposes the girls only did the spray painting and beyond. I did a sample one in the oven so they could see it but I melted all the records earlier that day that we used.