Sunday, October 26, 2014

Pinch Pot Monsters

If I had to choose a project that was completely outside my comfort zone, this would be it. I trusted my gut though and picked it before I practiced (so I wouldn't talk myself out of it) and wouldn't you know this was the first class to fill up! 

Beforehand, I did some research on kid friendly (and nonsculpter teacher friendly) clay that wouldn't require a kiln, I chose Original Sculpey because you could bake it in an oven. 

I showed the kids the basics of pinch pots and how to make shapes, and then literally I just let them loose with the Sculpey. Since they are closer to the play-doe years than I am, I trusted them and lemme tell ya, they blew me away with all the ideas they came up with! 

15 minutes of waiting and watching.

The glaze wasn't quite dry, so they are still a bit milky looking but I'm pretty darn happy with their little monsters! 

Fronts & backs 

I got the idea for this lesson here 
And this video was a godsend for this nonsculpting teacher lol